A future professional artist rant

*Repost of mine from FA* www.furaffinity.net/journal/63…

I have noticed (as sure as many of you must have too) that when an artist moves into another, less niche, domain so they can further expose their art and make a portfolio, their FA just closes shop, period. Now, i’ve been reading a lot about background check on people applying for a job and i don’t see how someone would find you here in FA, and even if they did, without an account, they can’t see any compromising stuff.

I know it’s one’s individual choice and all that, they have the right to choose wheter to stay on a place or not, but, is it really so bad here? Or any place else for that matter? Must be because i’m not US, but are furries that much of KNOWN MENACE? (I’d be surprised if people just knew what one is). And i won’t even get started on other niche stuff like anime, games, comics…

What i’m saying is: Everytime people go serious with art, they bury galleries like this, i can extend it a liiiiittle bit to DA, but FA’s got story with artists leaving because “i can’t mix this with what i’m doing professionally”. I plan to be an artist in the future, actually, i’m doing graphic design course at college for that, is it a requirement for me to close up FA, DA, Dumb tumblr blogs and other niche stuff i wouldn’t put on a resume ANYWAY?

So, if any of you knows a thing about it or know someone who does, please tell me: What is the science between going professional and wiping out all the backstory that isnt Pro-friendly? Does it have anything to do with secrecy? Closing down a past chapter of your artist life in order to commit to this new one? Or is everything here just for kicks while you were getting TRULY READY for TRUE ART?!

I’m doing a dumb move writting this on the heat of the moment, but, yeah… i’m kinda insecure about that. Is it etched in stone that i’ll bury all my galleries, personal art and general sillyness and move on when i’m good enough, just like 20, 30 artists i follow just did and keep doing? I have no doubts that’d i’d close up shop if it meant warm meals and a roof. If only it were so easy though: Close up shop, get food. This i mean for people that lead a life outside the internet. Working, studying, being a freelancer, not the crazy fur or anime person that spends 20+ hours a day being a furry or generally not being apt for any of the three activities listed before.

I may even delete this later, this could be a discussion even, just spare on the harsh words, if that aint too much to ask
if anyone wants to give an opinion?